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I never even thought there would be a system like this, but it works perfectly! Thank you very much.
- Antoine L.

I was excited to find an old gift card while cleaning out my wallet until I looked on the back to see if it had an expiration. The gift card I had didn't have an expiration date but I noticed in the fine print that after a period of time the value would begin to decrease. I remembered seeing Gift Card Drainer on facebook and decided to give it a try. In no time the money was safe in my bank account with no future fees. I'm glad I found the card before the issuer drained the remaining balance into their account! Thanks for the service!
- Tom K. worked as advertised and the money from the gift card appeared in my Paypal account the same day. I am very satisfied with the service.
- Rob B.

Thank you so much! Works like a charm! Your service is the only one with which I could cash out my money!
- Vlad P.

I tried Gift Card Drainer and found it to be amazingly quick and easy. My money was in my bank account the next day.
- Rose W.

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